Wound CRC and Cell Therapy Manufacturing CRC Transform Wound Outcomes

The Wound Management Innovation CRC (WMI CRC) and Cell Therapy Manufacturing CRC (CTM CRC) are collaborating for a brighter future for wound sufferers.

The two CRCs have signed a collaboration agreement to strengthen cooperation and interaction for the development of new technologies and therapies for wound management.

The core business of the WMI CRC is to conduct research, development and clinical translation to directly influence and benefit wound sufferers. This includes conducting clinical trials, training and education (to patients, carers and health professionals), and developing new models for the delivery of best practice.

CTM CRC, through intervention with smart materials, is committed to the cost-effective manufacture and rapid translation of cell therapies for a range of clinical conditions.

“We are well positioned to work collaboratively with the WMI CRC. Our technology developments for the treatment of diabetic wounds align well with the objectives of the WMI CRC. Access to further clinical and patient networks through the WMI CRC will be beneficial as we progress towards clinical trials,” said Dr Sherry Kothari, CEO of CTM CRC.

“We are delighted to commence this collaboration with CTM CRC. This work will bring the emerging field of cell therapy and apply it to a specific wound type. We of course hope to build on this success as cell therapy becomes more established in many other areas of medicine.” said Dr Ian Griffiths, CEO of WMI CRC.

The CTM CRC team is using biomaterials to develop novel cell delivery devices for the treatment of chronic wounds. Prototype devices will be assessed in patients with chronic wounds and WMI CRC and CTM CRC will work together to access wound clinics and skilled practitioners to deliver these novel treatments to patients suffering from these debilitating wounds.

Combined, the two CRCs are in a strong position to deliver value and impact to patients.

The CRCs will also work together to provide essential industry training, up-skilling and networking opportunities to Higher Degree Research students.

CTM CRC has pioneered an entrepreneurial PhD (ePhD) program through which WMI CRC students will be able to enrol and participate. Both CRCs are committed to creating industry-ready graduates who will benefit from these educational activities.

Dr Monica Kerr, Education Program Manager, CTM CRC reflected on the versatility of the ePhD Program, “The ePhD Program exposes PhD students to a broader perspective of scientific research and equips them with transferrable and technical skills to be competitive in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. WMI CRC students will be able to take advantage of this training to advance their own careers.”

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