TekCyte’s team and network of material scientists, cell biologists and product development experts can rapidly develop and evaluate biomedical technologies

The development of CTM CRC technologies will be underpinned by its newly-established pilot-scale translational facility, TekCyte®. This important capability will facilitate the seamless translation and scale-up of technologies and help to validate their commercial feasibility. Pilot scale production of technologies is critical to better understanding the engineering requirements and regulatory challenges in bringing products to market. CTM CRC has created TekCyte® to manage its internal technology translation activities, and also attract external research collaborations and fee-for-service contracts for CTM CRC.


TekCyteLogo_RGBPilot-scale plasma reactors

CTM CRC has commissioned, designed and built large-scale plasma reactors with commercial capacity for proof-of-concept and scale-up of its surface optimisation technologies. These will allow for a greater throughput and sufficient batch sizes for larger preclinical and human clinical studies for several ongoing CTM CRC projects.

Pilot-scale cell expansion

CTM CRC, through its partnerships with major suppliers of cell manufacturing equipment, houses several different pilot-scale cell expansion bioreactors. These will allow CTM CRC to model the cost and efficiency impact of its technologies on the cost of manufacture. This is an important step in the assessment of commercial feasibility of technologies.


Dr Tony Simula
Manager, Development & Commercialisation