Novel technologies to optimise existing platforms reduce the costs associated with isolation, expansion and delivery of cell-based therapies.

CTM CRC’s vision will deliver affordable and accessible cell therapies for unmet clinical indications that are a significant healthcare burden. The Centre’s integrated Research & Development program is multidisciplinary and involves materials scientists, cell biologists, bioprocess engineers, clinicians and commercial partners.

A major strength of the CRC is its expertise and capability in creating unique structures and surface modifications, which can alter the behaviour of cells. These technologies will optimise existing tools, through either physicochemical means or attachment of biomolecules, resulting in process efficiencies, that in turn, will reduce the cost-of-goods (COGs).


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Liquid being inserted into a container while wearing protective gloves.

These efficiencies, either through reduced cost of reagents or increased cell yield, are being applied across a number of process steps in the cell therapy manufacturing value chain. These are applicable to different cell types and can be tailored to established commercial systems.

An overall reduction in the cost of manufacture will make these cell therapies more accessible and affordable, generating a positive impact on society’s future healthcare needs.


Dr Tony Simula
Manager, Development & Commercialisation