Through the support of TechInSA grant funding, CTM CRC has recently established a spin-out company, Carina Biotech Pty Ltd. Carina is a wholly owned subsidiary of CTM CRC and will provide a commercialisation vehicle for technologies in the immunology theme.

IP Management

CTM CRC has a strong focus on generating impact from its research activities, as such, the protection and commercialisation of IP is critical.

CTM CRC’s business model has been carefully structured from its inception to facilitate the exploitation of technology developed through its research programs, and centres around promoting the transaction of CTM CRC project IP into the hands of industry end users.

The legal framework for handling IP within CTM CRC has been structured to optimise the transaction of IP to the end-user and maximise the end-user benefit of CTM CRC research. In particular:

  • All CTM CRC participants initially assign CTM CRC project IP to the CRC management company, CTM@CRC Ltd
  • CTM CRC is then able to solely handle transaction of project IP to an industry end user
  • Background IP (BIP) is licensed from Participants for use in CRC Projects. If BIP is subsequently needed for a commercial transaction, CTM CRC is able to intermediate background IP licensing between Participants and industry end users as needed

Licensing Opportunities

CTM CRC is always looking to talk to industry end users regarding potential research collaborations and technology licensing.

CTM CRC has significant expertise and opportunities for IP licensing accross a range of technical areas, including:

  • Surface modification and biomaterials for cell isolation, expansion and delivery
  • Manufacture and scale up of biomaterials and other cell culture surfaces into cell manufacturing
  • Cell bioreactor modification and optimisation for target cell-type expansion
  • T-cell therapies, including CAR-T cell therapies and regulatory T cell therapies


Dr Justin Coombs
General Manager and IP Counsel