CTM CRC’s unique approach of crossing disciplinary boundaries, bringing together materials and cell biology capabilities, with regulatory and manufacturing expertise, facilitates development of novel technologies to address the challenges facing the cell therapy industry.

This approach will enable the rapid translation of cost-effective technologies and therapies into the clinic.

Development and optimisation of advanced materials

Uses an extensive array of dry and wet-chemical coating techniques, to alter the properties of materials or for the attachment of bioactive molecules. Capabilities extend to the design and engineering of commercial scale processes.

2D and 3D biomaterials design and development

Based on a range of biocompatible, degradable and natural or synthetic polymers, hydrogels and porous silicon substrates. In particular, the development of 3D nano-scale scaffolds using electrospinning techniques used in engineered tissue structures or using bioprinting techniques biologically inspired to mimic the in vivo environment.

Petri dishes

Test tubes containing clear fluid

Analytical and bioanalytical expertise

For characterisation of modified surfaces, including state of the art x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), ToF secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF SIMS) and TEM. Monitoring cellular behaviour on surfaces using confocal and live cell imaging capabilities in addition to live tracking of labelled, infused human therapeutic cells.

Regulatory expertise

To assist with the rapid translation of technologies that comply with regulatory authorities (EMA, FDA, TGA, PMDA). Multiple cGMP facilities with a long history of commercial manufacture of clinical grade cell therapies.

Preclinical experience

A range of animal models to generate the appropriate proof-of-concept and safety data, prior to commencing human clinical trials.